Monday, 27 July 2015


I have recently joined another (third) online photo stock agency - Arcangel. It is just that sales with Getty Images have been almost non existent lately and Trevillion are very particular about what they accept so I am left with quite a few images just sitting on my hard drive. I thought I would give them a chance to sell with Arcangel who have struck me as stocking the type of images mine would fit in well with. They are also a lot less restrictive about what they accept for their database so I hope they wil accept most of the images I submit. Right now I have had my first photos accepted and a lot more are in the pending queue awaiting consideration. I am sharing here just two of them which I have not posted on my blog before.

Taken in my dining room. I love white roses and they render themselves so well to a vintage still life. I always wanted to include my dresser in one of my images and finally it happened. I felt I had all the props I needed when I bought the old mantel clock. The image was processed with ambrotype effect to achieve the brown vintage tones and vignette.

Just a couple of pieces of old fancy cutlery my friend gave me knowing I can use them for my photography. I simply placed them on the kitchen work top and snapped a few shots from different angles at different apertures. Not my usual type of image, it is a bit too plain for me but agencies seem to need plain images so I may shoot some more in the future. However, I have always stressed that I can only make images from my heart and am virtually unable to work to a directive. I have to feel inspired to take photos regardless of whether they are saleable or not.

Update, 22nd September, 2015

I was wrong. It did not turn out nowhere near as I expected. Out of initial fifty images I sent to Arcangel for consideration I only had eight accepted. I do not understand it. They had had a chance to look at my work on Flickr and if they thought there were not many images they would take on why did they contract me? I am not interested in being part of another agency where I will not able to build up a decent size portfolio so I will not be submitting any more of my photos to Arcangel. I will send them to Getty Images instead who have accepted virtually everything Arcangel returned. And that will be it as far as agencies are concerned. I will not be joining any more. Trevillion and Getty is enough for me and the amount of photos I take. I am quite happy to limit my membership to just two online stock libraries.

Update, 22nd July, 2017

It is now two years on, and things have changed. After having issues with Getty Images I have decided to try submitting to Arcangel again. One of the reasons was that, unlike Getty, Arcangel now keyword images themselves after approval, which saves a lot of time on the photographer's part. I particularly begrudged having to keyword images before approval with Getty which, in the case of rejected images, results in complete waste of time.
So this month I sent about twenty five images to Arcangel for consideration and they accepted more than half of them which I was quite happy about. I am glad that now I look forward to working with Arcangel again.

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