Sunday, 24 May 2015

Dove Cottage

We stayed just a few minute walk away from the lovely Dove Cottage in Grasmere, the Lake District, the home of the poet William Wordsworth so it was impossible not to pay a vist even though I had been there before. It was getting late in the afternoon, I was on my way home from Coniston and the Cottage was closing in half an hour but I thought I'll just pop in quickly and concentrate on taking some of photos of the back garden, I discovered to my delight that photography is now allowed inside the cottage as well but on this occasion I only had time for a few quick mobile phone shots. There is always next time and it is good to know you have still something left to photograph.

The view from the back garden. The only flat part of the garden is the path skirting it. The rest is all sloped ground with wonderful views of the cottage and beyond over the Grasmere lake and distant fells. William and Dorothy Wordsworth spent a lot of time together walking around the garden or just reading or gardening. William was known for composing his poems walking and he composed many of his poems pacing around the garden of his beloved cottage.
I decided to give this image an old watercolour look and create a feel as if William and Dorothy could step into the frame any minute. That is how it felt when I was taking  picutres anyway. I desaturated the colours and applied a matte frame for a slightly hazy look around the edges.

The charming arbour at the top of the garden which William and Dorothy had had built. They used to write there and also read to each other. There is a folder with pen and paper for anyone feeling inspired to have a go at writing a verse or two themselves.
The delightful bluebells added so much to the magic of this place.

The kitchen. I am lucky to have a mobile phone that performs surprisingly well in low light. Quite pleased with this snap which I lightly textured and sepia toned in keeping with the old subject matter.

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