Saturday, 23 August 2014

Time for a Rest

I had this image in mind for quite some time and finally got to create it. I love antique chairs in photographs so I decided to use my bedroom chair. I took it to the small  bedroom because  the light there was better with the window facing the spot I could place the chair in. I thought my military boots and grey hat would make a good composition placed under the chair and hung off the chair back respectively. The boots look old but they are not really - they were made to look like that. I was not sure about the light to start with, I was hoping for some soft sunlight maybe, but when I took a first couple of shots I quite liked the lighting with the shadow on the wall framing the chair. I processed the image with two of the new Flypaper Pastel Painterly Textures I bought the other day. They are beautiful, subtle textures and I am very excited at the prospect of using them on my images.


  1. Cool! Fora su čizme i kapa - baš neočekivana suprotnost u odnosu na stolicu i krevet...:-)