Friday, 8 August 2014

Gardens in Summer

I could not let this summer go by without showing a few photos of the gardens I have been enjoying. Last winter was very mild and this summer warm with plenty of sunshine so plants and flowers have been abundant and luscious, a sheer joy to have around.

The first images are of G's Mum & Dad's garden down south in Kent. It's always very beautiful but I have never seen it so colourful. I particularly like the cosmos and the wooden pot placed in among them, and also the huge, ever so healthy looking red geraniums in the pots on the patio. And of course, there is the gorgeous thirty year old rose against a brand new wooden fence with amazing red-pink flowers.

The next photo shows the little garden in front of our house that I have been looking after as opposed to G looking after the back garden. The photo is back from June. The garden has changed a few times since but I have neglected to follow the changes with my camera. That is definitely going to be a project for next summer. The rest of the images are of the back garden. It does not change so much in the summer months being less of a flower garden and more of a Japanese rockery. But it is stunning - G has been doing a great job tending to it ever since we moved in.