Monday, 18 August 2014


I have recently joined 500px - a photo sharing site. I know it is another social network site and I firmly promised myself this is the last one I will open an account with. I thought Flickr was the best site to share photos but when I looked around 500px I was amazed at how many fabulous photographers use it. The quality of images overall appears to be much higher than that on Flickr. What's more, unlike Flickr, 500px features a store where photographers have an option to submit their work for licensing. That was the main reason I joined. I don't expect to make much money out of my photography but I do feel I ought to try since they are there. 500px is an opportunity for me to offer for potential licensing those images that are not on Getty or Trevillion. I have also lately become a bit fed up with Flickr. I have been on there for six years now and I needed something fresh which I have certainly found in 500px. I will now be spending less time on Flickr but will always find time to go and check what my favourite contacts are uploading.

The image below is one of the first ones I uploaded to 500px.  I have shared it here on my blog before,  it is one of my personal favourites. It is my tribute to Beatrix Potter, the woman who has inspired me greatly for the past few years both as a person and as an artist. The rabbit is a stock image I found on internet. I spent a lot of time getting its size and positioning right. The rest of the image shows the window of Beatrix's Hill Top farm cottage and the bench outside it. I like how the bench appears to be "shining" thus focusing the attention on the rabbit. I also softened the image considerably to give even more emphasis to the rabbit.

12/09/2014 Update 

After having uploaded 24 images and a brief experience of the site I have decided to delete my 500 px account. I somehow felt it is not the right place for me and that after all I do not need to share my images on another site.


  1. Slikovnica...:-)
    Beatrix Potter s fotićem!

    1. Hvala ti! u stvari i ona se bavila fotografijom izmedju ostalog!