Friday, 2 May 2014

St James's Church, Tong, 28/04/2014

The following images will always hold a special meaning to me because they mark the end of a chapter of my life. I took them on my last day of work at the Tong Garden Centre. On my way home I stopped at the local pub for some late lunch as I had not eaten all day and then I went into the churchyard to enjoy some peace and beautiful makings of spring. My camera hung off my shoulder and soon I immersed myself in capturing the magic of the moment......
All the images were taken with my 50mm f1:8 lens which I have been using more often lately.


  1. Uvijek je privlačno fotografirati takve starinske crkve...pogotovo kad su u tako lijepom vrtu punom tog prekrasnog cvijeća! Krasna fotoreportaža!!!!

  2. Hvala ti! Ovo je jedna jako slikovita crkvica.