Friday, 28 March 2014

Late March Afternoon

The best thing about my job is that I drive through beautiful countryside to and fro work. This image was taken last Sunday on my way home, on a cold but glorious afternoon. I had been watching the scene and waiting to find it in a best possible lighting. I parked the car in the village pub car park and strode the short distance back to the scene. Typically, by the time I got there the sun was swallowed by dark grey clouds and I felt my excitement ebb away as the scene lay drab an uninspiring before my eyes. I looked at the clouds wistfully and thought: "I'm not moving away until the sun comes back". I started taking a few shots just so I get used to seeing the scene through the viewfinder and find a good composition. And sure enough, just as the old saying goes - good things come to those who wait - sunshine was back and lasted just long enough for me to snatch a couple of shots. That completed and made my day. I did not matter if I did not do anything else that day.