Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Crocuses in the Park

This is one of those scenes I come across completely by chance, when I don't expect to see good photo material at all. I was driving back home from the car hire company when I caught a glimpse of it on the left hand side of the road. I didn't stop, I didn't even have my camera with me but I drove back there the following morning. It was a most beautiful morning to start with but typically by the time I got to the park it clouded over pretty heavily. I didn't mind too much as I am a textures user in post processing and textures tend to work better on images taken in diffused lighting conditions. I love crocuses but usually I find them difficult to capture in an interesting way. It is the little red house on top of the grassy bank that makes the image for me. Its red colour and tiny size give the image a storybook, dreamlike quality. I decided to treat it in that vein further and used a Gaussian blur in post processing to emphasize the dreaminess. As usual, G was the first person I shared a new image with ......"like from a child's colouring book" he said.....it sounded good to me.


  1. bajkovito, srecno, krasno!... sve kao ti!

  2. Poput cvijetne rijeke - divan prikaz proljeća!