Sunday, 23 February 2014

Winter Bouquet

There is no good florist anywhere near my home so when I happen to get to one I spend a lot of time in there looking around, smelling, touching and yes, creating my bouquet. On this occasion I was looking for a few twigs rather then conventional flowers with a view to dry them and put them in the vase and on the plinth in the corner of my bedroom. There are a few methods of drying flowers and I have chosen one of the simplest, the one that worked for me in the past, and that is to put the flowers in a couple of inches of water and then just forget about them. My favourite are the little white ones, called wax flowers, and they are the only ones I know the name of in this bouquet. Not all flowers dry well and it will be interesting to see what result I am going to get here. Anyway, whatever will have to be thrown away will be replaced with something new until I get a full and amazing display of dry flowers.