Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Iris & Daffs

You know that spring is just round the corner when daffodils and irises appear at your local supermarket. For me daffodils are most welcome and cheerful flowers because they are the first ones to come after a long winter. I have to buy them straight away and I keep buying them for as long as they are in season, the more so because they are so cheap. I did plant some daff and other spring bulbs at the front of the house last year for a first time ever but they are only just beginning to show their leaves. I have no idea if they are going to flower or not, if they are, it is certainly not going to be so soon. So I put my shop bought flowers in a vase and on my dining room table. Yesterday afternoon the room was filled with some lovely sunlight so I grabbed my camera quickly as I knew it would not last long. I decided the light on the flowers was a bit too harsh and contrasty so I drew the lined voile curtains to create a softer, diffused light. As usual I wanted to create a vintage, old photo look so I desaturated the colours and applied textures in my brand new Photoshop Elements 12. It has many new features my old version did not have so I have been exploring and learning a lot!


  1. Jako lijepo - zapravo to je predivan poster, vrlo je dekorativna fotkica...:-)