Friday, 3 January 2014

Out of Sight, but So Much in My Mind

This time of year is the time to reflect and as I do so I cannot help thinking wistfully of my dear Mum, my beloved Zagreb, and of course all my family and friends who live there. So this post I dedicate to all of them. Both photos were taken back in September during my last visit and processed yesterday.

My Mum and her naughty but very affectionate young tom cat, Miki. She just adores the cat as the image shows. I have definitely inherited my love for cats from her as my Dad was not that keen on them at all.
Ok, I must admit the image is very soft, out of focus to be honest, which probably results from my not being used to taking photos of people but I do not mind the softness here as it goes well with my Mum's softness for cats lol. Mind you, I did focus on Mum's eyes and just do not know what happened. Perhaps a bit of camera shake. I desaturated the colours in post processing as Mum's top was a bit too garish and I also gently removed some of her wrinkles. I trust no one can blame me for wanting my Mum to look a bit younger.

This is Zagreb Funicular, one of the city's best known landmarks. The two blue cars run simultaneously, one up and the other down, every 10 minutes along one of the shortest funicular tracks in the world. At the top right the historic Castle Lotrscak is just visible. The tiny street, Tomiceva, connects the Lower Town with the Upper Town as well as  Zagreb's longest and most famous street, Ilica with a romantic promenade popularly called "Stros". On the left there is a restaurant called "Rooster" which I often used when I was a student. Opposite there is a relatively new and very popular wine bar. It serves best Croatian wines and meat and cheese platters in a rustic ambience - very nice, cosy and relaxing!


  1. Makes me want to go on a trip to try that little restaurant out! Beautiful photos. I find portraits one of the hardest things to take but the one of your Mum and her cat is very touching and full of tenderness. Happy New Year to you! xxx

  2. Lijepe i "tople" uspomene..:-)
    Miki je presladak.