Monday, 20 January 2014

Bramhope, 17/12/2013

I have been busy sorting out and processing my recent photos as well as clearing them and copying them to an external drive because I am getting a new computer very soon! My existing one has become so slow I cannot do with it any more. And, what is even more exciting, I am also getting a new piece of photo editing software but more about that later!
The photos below are from a very nice West Yorkshire village of Bramhope. It was a cold but beautiful winter day.


  1. I like that every time you post a new set of photos I get to add a little destination to my list of places to vsit :) you certainly have a knack for finding, and shooting, sweet poetic places! xx

  2. Mene taj English Countryside uvjek podsjeti na Shire iz Hobita...:-)
    Jako lijepa i poetična reportažica!

  3. vesnice, carobnice, prekrasni su ti radovi, bravo! :*