Monday, 30 December 2013

Forever Autumn

This is my second post today. I finally have found time to catch up on my photo processing and posting. I shot this beautiful pastoral scene while walking around  Bishop Burton, a lovely old farming village in East Riding of Yorkshire, not far from where our friends live. They introduced it to us inviting us to the local pub for a meal, their favourite eating place. When I first came back to photograph the place I could not take a single shot as my camera just would not switch on. It appeared the battery was not working which I could not understand as I fully recharged it the night before. It takes nearly an hour and a half to drive to the village and I felt like crying standing there trying to get the camera to switch on. In the end it started raining which meant I could not take pics anyway so I felt a bit better about having to come back. I got there again about a month later and was treated to beautiful sunny weather. This time I had a newly bought spare battery too but my old one worked fine and has done ever since that wretched day. I called the image "Forever Autumn" because those colours here in Yorkshire seem to linger on into winter (unless we have snow, of course) and even into early spring as a lot of new growths seem to be similar colours. I used textures a bit more prominently here as I wanted to achieve a strong painterly look which I feel suits the scene. And oh, yes, I did add the bird on top of the tree on the left hand side of the image for extra interest. Hope I got its size right.