Sunday, 8 December 2013

All Saints Church, Bishop Burton, 13/11/2013

I must say I do not get any time for photography at this time of year. Work gets very busy and I end up doing extra days and hours, and what with preparations for Christmas all I can hope for is a few minutes to process something I have taken earlier. I do get very frustrated because I would love to go out there and capture some of the Christmas atmosphere or shoot a nice Christmas still life. But regretfully it will not happen. The day I took the photos of this charming church was also the last time I took photos and I expect it will not be before January when I am out with my camera again.
I struggled a bit with the first image because there was no sky detail in the original and I thought it was not needed. But after a first processing attempt I decided the image does need a cloud detail in the top left corner so I added a new texture layer. It looks better for it but the church walls appear perhaps a bit too soft now.
I applied the same sky and cloud texture to the second photo. I feel it works well because it creates an impression of dappled light and shadows. I was also pleased with the blue tone of the stained glass window which must have come from the reflection of the blue sky. I tweaked it a bit to make it turquoisey and also changed slightly the colour of the red leaves to get a more striking colour combination.


  1. Ti sve kaj poslikaš ispada bajkovito i romantično...:-) Pa tako i ova divna crkva!