Thursday, 7 November 2013

She Loved to Walk in the Park

Tuesday did not start promising weather-wise. When I woke up in the morning there were rain drops on the panes of my window and the sky lay grey and heavy above the houses in the distance. I thought I could not hope for any photos that day and decided to go around charity shops instead, my camera in the boot of the car just in case. When I finished looking around the shops I noticed there were some blue patches in the sky so I hurried to the car to get my camera and then strode off quickly the short distance to the park. As I got there the sunshine came out and wet autumn colour leaves on the trees started glinting in the warm glowing light. I spotted this bunch of withering red roses propped up on a bench from quite a distance and immediately got excited as I knew I would get at least one nice shot after all. I loved this scene instantly because it sums up autumn so well - low mellow sunlight, damp fallen brown and yellow leaves covering a bench in the park, dying flowers and the whole nature preparing for a long winter sleep. And, of course, it has another profound meaning - that of a celebration of life and love in the face of demise both in a straightforward and symbolic way.


  1. Tis indeed a splendid shot and you've really nailed it with the description! Nice work, Vesna!

    1. can't figure out how to follow your blog...

    2. Hi Ginny, how nice to see you here! Thanks so much for your comment.
      You can try this: on your blog's dashboard click on "My blogs" then on "Add". In the new window copy and paste my blog's URL and click on "Follow". That is how I added your blog and all the others. Hope it works for you too. x

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    1. Hvala ti, Davore! I htjela sam da bude romanticna vise nego ista drugo.