Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Village of Dubranec, NW Croatia, 08/09/2013

I should be going out and taking photos of leaves turning most beautiful colours but I still have quite a few photos from my visit to Zagreb back in September to processes and share. Like last year, my photographer friend Jasenka https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jasenka-Arbanas-Photography/513499128682849?hc_location=stream and I had a day together in Turopolje where she lives with her lovely family. They have a big house, a farm and a large allotment a short distance away. I loved having a look around and admired hugely everything I saw. We had a most tasty lunch prepared by her hubby of literally everything home grown and home made including the bread. I had to force myself to stop eating! Then we sat at the computer looking at our photos and discussing some editing techniques. After the afternoon coffee we went out with our cameras and drove to Dubranec - a rare old and preserved village where Jasenka's father was born. The light was fading rapidly and we did not have a lot of time but the village is so picturesque you only need minutes to take some very interesting shots. Oh what a day! I felt, and still do, so grateful and blessed!


  1. Krasnu si reportažu snimila.....isti stil kao i u Engleskoj si primjenila i za naše selo i jako je lijepo - slikovito i idilično prikazano!

  2. da znaš da mi fali to naše zajdničko fotkanje i druženeje,valjda buš došla sljedeće godine

    1. E i meni fali....puno, puno.....nevjerojatno je koliko jedno kratko godisnje druzenje moze covjeku znaciti!