Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Rural Friends

Another shot I took on the route to work. In fact, I very rarely take photos on my way to or fro work but just keep my eyes open for scenes I normally go back to photograph on my day off. There are a few fields with cows and sheep grazing on them, and this particular field is very convenient as it lies next to a pub car park. It is also on a higher ground then the road where I was standing and that  made it easy for me to get a viewpoint with the cows standing right on the horizon against a big expanse of sky. I took quite a few shots as I wanted at least two to three cows to look at the camera. This was the best shot as far as the cows were concerned. However, it did not have enough sky space since I wanted the sky to take up about two thirds of the frame, so I added a bit of sky in Photoshop. Then as usual, I applied textures in processing.
This image was inspired by my favourite rural photographer Jamie Heiden:


  1. Izvrsna je..još pogotovo kad je obradiš na taj svoj već poznati naćin!

  2. Great work on this. I like the texture.

  3. HI Vesna, I'm so glad you got this on the way to work. It's another classic image that I'm sure we'll see in another magazine! :) Jamie's work is amazing, too! xo