Sunday, 29 September 2013

Skalinska Street. Zagreb, 5/9/2013

Skalinska Street is one of my favourite Zagreb Upper Town streets. It is situated at the bottom of the old town (called Upper Town), near the main square. It is very short and spans the wonderful Tkalciceva Street (at the bottom of the first photo) and Opatovina, the street of much personal significance for me. Every time I am in Zagreb I have to have at least one meal in Skalinska St., in the Nokturno - restaurant and hotel, and this year I dined there with my lovely photographer friend Jasenka. The restaurant boasts a surprisingly extensive Mediterranean menu at low prices and the food is very nice. The street is very photogenic with its old architecture and quaint look, and if you stand at the bottom of it you even get a good view of the Zagreb cathedral.
I really like the light on the first photo, but for some strange reason I could not get the photo to look here on Google Blogger the way I intended it to look. It should be viewed on my Flickr account here:


  1. Jako lijepi prikaz Skalinske. Sviđaju mi se i perspektiva ulice i ulični detalji.