Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Still Life With Old Mirror

I was really pleased to find this old swivel vanity mirror in the local charity shop. I had been looking for a mirror for my bathroom window sill for a long time and now I have one that sits there perfectly. As usual, when it comes to antique or vintage objects I buy for my house, I started creating a still life image in my mind. What would made a good composition with the mirror? The vintage pair of cream gloves, pink perfume bottle and floral  powder compact came as natural answer. I just needed a box to arrange them at different heights. And oh yes, the old black iron was also going to be a good addition. All I needed now was some white fine fabric and some lace to give it a bit of elegance so I found some voile curtains. I realized the reflection in the mirror was very important an decided it should also contain fabric to echo the fabrics around the mirror. I also slightly darkened the reflection in post processing and chose an aperture that rendered it in soft focus to avoid it being overpowering and distracting from the overall image.