Sunday, 30 June 2013

Upper Town, Zagreb, 28/06/2012

It has been exactly a year now since I visited Zagreb, the place I was born and brought up in. It is a long long time to be away from such a place. I miss it very much, of course, and this year, due to circumstances to do with my new job, I am having to wait a little longer to go there again. I have been looking through the photos I took last time I visited, and this one seemed to hold my eye and thoughts the most. It was taken in the old Upper Town, my favourite place to photograph and wander around. It teems with the spirit of past times I have drawn so much inspiration from for the past few years, and it is always full of quaint surprises, this old horse drawn cart parked on the pavement of one of the most frequented streets being a great example. And how nice someone had thought of putting a few pots of pink petunia on top of it to mark summertime!


  1. That is such a wonderful photograph! x

  2. Što reči nego da je predivno!

  3. dobro dosla, vesnice, donijela si evropu! :*
    divno, romanticno= ti! :*

  4. Thank you, Suzy!
    Hvala vam, Davore i Sandra!