Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Cocketts Hotel, Hawes, Wenslydale, 30/5/2013

Last week G and I went to Hawes in Yorkshire Dales and spent a night there. We arrived at about noon, took a stroll around the picturesque town, had a pub lunch and then we checked into the hotel which was little more than a guest house really but very nice, my type of accommodation. We found that the room we booked was having some work done on it so the landlords kindly gave us an upgrade at no extra cost - a beautiful, airy and very clean deluxe room.  It was a rather grey but, luckily, dry day. The view from our window fascinated me with the stone outhouses, white towels on the washing line and above all the moody mist on the distant hills. When I woke up the next morning the view was completely different. It was a most glorious morning one could wish for with  blue cloudless skies and warm sunshine on now crystal clear hills. The washing had gone though, and although I loved looking at the beautiful weather and morning light I did not bother reaching for my camera again: I had already got my shot of the view!

A view of our hotel from an uphill path leading to a field. It was taken late in the afternoon while G was already resting in the room before our evening meal, and I could not rest - I had to take more pictures! Our car is the second one form the right. On arrival we had an inevitable chat about the weather with our landlady and she concluded the conversation by saying famously: "Yes, it does rain a lot but at least everything is beautifully green!"


  1. Sneno i idilično! Sad mi je jasno zašto su ti fotke super (između ostalog) - imaš divno difuzno svijetlo...:-)

  2. Hvala, Davore! U ovo doba godine difuzno svjetlo nije lose, ali po zimi zna biti pretmurno!