Tuesday, 4 December 2012


G. and I came across this wall plaque with deer horns in a lovely gift shop and decided we had to have it for our dining room. It is a replica but you cannot see that easily. I thought of an image of deer skull by Joan Kocak, one of my favourite fine art photographers, and instantly felt inspired to create a still life with my new purchase. Joan's deer skull is that of a much large deer and she used a shrivelled pear, presumably to symbolize decay, whereas I have used an exotic tamarillo fruit, its upright stalk mimicking one of the deer horns. Here is a link to Joan's image: http://www.joankocakphotography.com/detail.html?folio=PORTFOLIO&sortNumber=6&gallery=stills&skipno=0.


  1. Jako interesantna "minimalistička" kompozicija - kao i uvijek sjajna!