Friday, 28 December 2012

Still Life With Demijohn and Enamel Pots

Christmas is time for families to be united and their members to enjoy each other's company, and since I live far away from my Mum I miss her the most at this time of year. The only comfort for me are the memories of those few days we spend together each year, and of course, the photos I take on my visits. This one was taken last June while Mum and I were preparing a big family barbecue in her outside kitchen. Inspired by the beautiful light streaming through the glass ceiling I suddenly had to stop preparing the food and started looking for objects to photograph. Mum gave me a funny look but knew better than say anything. She remained quiet and patient while I was moving unwanted things out of the way and setting up my still life on one of her cookers. She has lots of old, vintage stuff around the house so it was not difficult for me to find a pleasing arrangement that suited my taste for the old-fashioned. I made sure I included her lovely little red enamel mug with white spots out of which she keeps drinking her tea despite its being worse for wear now.


  1. I djelovalo mi je sve nekako domaće i poznato - na prvi pogled...:-)

  2. Hvala, Davore, podsjeca na djetinjstvo, zar ne?

  3. Da....ti emajlirani lončići - uvijek sam ih volio...i demižonka ..:-)