Friday, 26 October 2012

Armley Park, Leeds, 23/10/2012

The park seemed more beautiful than ever when I visited. I think the autumn colours were at their best this year. I was completely delighted to come across the scene with a patch of flowers in front of trees with red leaves. Amazingly, a lot of flowers were very fresh looking. I stood there for quite a while taking different shots. This one here I took crouching down slightly to avoid an area of plain grass between the trees and meadow. It is one of my favourite images I took this year.

Autumn Meets Summer


  1. Kako mi je promakla ova divna jesenja serija..:-)?!
    Ponovo mi je prva najljepša!

  2. Hvala ti, Davore!
    Da. imam tendenciju da prvo stavim onu koja mi se cini najboljom (tu stavim i na Flickr) a onda stavim jos i druge koje sam snimila isti dan a koje mi se ne cine losim.

  3. Hi Vesna! So happy to have found your blog. David has been by also but wasn't sure how to leave a comment.

    I am so in love with that top photo! Fabulous mix of seasons and wonderful colors. xo

  4. Hi Georgianna, so pleased to see your comment. Many thanks both to you and David for stopping by and for your lovely comment.

    I did not know how to leave a comment on your blog either, must go back and try again. I find it difficult to understand how to comment on non Google blogs.