Saturday, 24 August 2019

Portraiture Photography With Haidi, Summer 2019

Having my Croatian niece Haidi to stay with me here in Leeds also meant having fun doing portrait photo shoots. She loves modelling and I love taking photos; I always say portraiture has never been and will never be my favorite category of photography, but I am always happy and excited to work with suitable and willing models; and Haidi is more than that - she is also someone I know well and someone I love dearly, which makes things easier and the whole shooting more relaxed and enjoyable. Moreover, Haidi is beautiful and talented in more than one way. To be fair, I couldn't wish for a better model, and we shall continue to create photo images.

Golden Acre Park, Leeds

This was just a family outing to a nearby park; no photo shoot was planned, and I just took a few spontaneous shots of Haidi at a couple of pretty spots in the park.

Oakwell Hall, Birstall

We chose the grounds of the beautiful, historic Oakwell Hall for a more thought out shoot. We bought a cream silk tunic for Haidi to wear and made sure we were out on a late, bright afternoon for some pleasant lighting. We focused on mood and atmosphere images and also went for a few theatrical pics conveying some hard emotions.

This photo shoot was followed by another one a few days later, at a location that I carry deep in my heart - Top Withens, the ruin whose location inspired the location of the house in "Wuthering Heights", the famous novel by Emily Brontë. We made some great images on the day, and I am very excited at the prospect of editing them some time this autumn.

Friday, 16 August 2019

August in Golden Acre Park, Leeds

As I write this the weather here in Yorkshire is very disappointing; It's the middle of August and there is a lot of rain, strong winds are blowing and temperatures wavering around 17 degrees. I am so pleased I managed to experience some real summer earlier this month and take a handful of colourful shots I can now look at to warm my heart. It was a wonderful day out in Golden Acre Park with G, my lovely niece Haidi and her partner Bruno who had come from Croatia to stay with us, and, of course, our doggy Midge. Golden Acre looked more beautiful than I had ever seen it; the gardens were bursting with various gorgeous flowers and plants. It was one of those rare days I shall cherish forever. I am hoping to go back one evening with fond memories in my mind and take some photos in the golden hour.

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Walks With My Dog - Local 09/08/19

Yesterday morning was cloudy and warm, the air filled with the smell of rain. As I walked Midge along one of the neighbourhood streets I saw a rowan tree laden with clusters of red berries and a wild rose bush full of ripe rose-hips; I gasped at the unexpected beauty that made me think of autumn. Is autumn going to be upon us early this year?

Friday, 9 August 2019

A Day in Scarborough With My Croatian Family

It is the third day since we said goodbye for now to my lovely niece Haidi and her partner Bruno who came to stay with us at the end of last month. We had eleven days of lovely time and great fun. I'm missing them and can't stop reminiscing about the precious time we spent together. One of the best things we did was visit Scarborough, a popular Yorkshire summer resort. Indeed, for me summer wouldn't be summer without experiencing seaside charms of the beautiful Scarborough.


As a big Brontëphile, every time I am in Scarborough I have to say hello to darling Anne Brontë, who loved the town and the sea and tragically died and was buried here. The two photos of her grave were taken last summer.

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Quick Windowsill Still Life With Red Peppers

Peppers are one of my favourite summer foods. As I was washing some Romano peppers before popping them in the oven to roast, I watched their striking bright red, shiny, bumpy surface. I thought I'd leave them in my vintage colander and place them on the kitchen windowsill with a couple of garlic heads for an impromptu summer still life image.

There are many delicious recipes with Romano peppers on internet, but for me a simple one that I enjoyed in my childhood is my favourite.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Abbey House Museum gardens, Kirkstall, Leeds

Last month, after having been to Kirkstall Deli Market that takes place inside the ruins of Kirkstall Abbey the last weekend of every month April - November, I nipped over the road to have a look at the beautiful gardens of the Abbey House Museum, a delightful step back in Victorian time museum, housed in the gatehouse of Kirkstall Abbey. I'd noticed beforehand that the gardens were looking more colourful than ever at this time of the year and I thought I'd go over and have a good look around on this cloudy Sunday late afternoon.