Monday, 17 June 2019

Walks With My Dog - Sladen Valley, Haworth 9/6/2019

After an emotional reunion with our puppy Midge who we lost briefly, G and I went for a happy walk with him as a family to our favourite place and future home, Haworth, Brontë Country. We chose the beautiful Sladen Valley for that occasion, for a change from the usual Haworth moorland walks. It was an overcast day with just a hint of sunshine here and there, rainy sky threatening most of the time. However, the weather was kind to us and it stayed dry.

Cottages in Oldfield Lane

Long Bridge, a most charming old packhorse bridge over the spot where river Worth and Sladen Beck meet

Lamb at Long Bridge. Loved the way they appeared at the end of the stone wall and looked at me curiously.

View of the hamlet of Lumbfoot

Cottages at the entrance to the hamlet of Lumbfoot

I think I'm finally getting somewhere with my processing. For quite a while now I have been dissatisfied with the final appearance of my images: I got bored with that neat, "perfect" look and felt it didn't do justice conveying how I felt about the subject of my images. I wanted to achieve a bolder, moodier and darker style; I've had quite a clear notion in my mind of what I was looking for and I bought/installed quite a few iPhone photo editing apps searching for filters and presets that would help me achieve that look. Nothing grabbed me! On the contrary, there was very little I'd want to use at all. Then, on sheer impulse I paid a closer attention to what Snapseed has to offer. Snapseed is the very first app I installed; it is free and is one of the most popular and widely used photo editing apps out there. I realized it does have a good potential to help me develop the desired editing style. The main Snapseed tools I used for the above images are Vintage and Glamour  Glow. I feel quite relieved, happy and newly inspired now I've found myself on the right track for my postprocessing.

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  1. Such a charming part of the country Vesna. The countryside looks so lush and beautiful. I think the rain threatening clouds make these images look amazing. Did you capture these with your phone?

    1. Thanks very much, Wendy! I agree about the rain threatening clouds, the weather and the light was great for photography. Yes, these are all iPhone images. I decided to dedicate this year to iphoneography and am likely not use my DSLR at all.