Saturday, 27 January 2018

Getty Images Sales, December 2017

Just a quick post to record some December sales with Getty Images.

This photo of my kitchen window at Christmas 2016 sold three times in three different locations - UK, Spain and USA.

I took this photo back in 2010. Desmond, our beautiful and very clever rescue cat waited every morning on my bedroom window sill for me to get up and make a fuss of him. Sadly, we lost him months after adopting him. The photo has sold before and this time in China.

This photo of the lake Thirlmere was shot in 2012, on one of our regular visits to the Lake District. It evokes cherished memories as on that particular day I was there with a good Croatian friend. The licence to use this image was bought this December by a UK client.

A while ago I decided to stop submitting my images to Getty because of their offensively low tariffs. However, the December sales, which were not lucrative by any means but can be deemed acceptable, have encouraged me to adopt a more positive outlook about submitting to Getty. The prevailing thought now is that, after all, it is best to give my images a chance to sell rather than just let them sit on my computer drive. So from now on I will be uploading again some of my photos on my Getty submissions page.

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  1. They really are beautiful shots. :-) So glad others appreciate them too!