Monday, 6 November 2017

Jake - Portraiture Shoot

Now and again I like to try my hand at shooting portraits. Not often, because, to be truthful, I personally find it tiring and rather stressful to take pictures of people; but, if I have a willing and interesting model I do get challenged and excited at the prospect of a photo shoot. 
One of my close friend's twenty five year old son Jake, who is a talented amateur photographer himself, was happy to have a go at being in front of the camera for a change, so on a Saturday afternoon back in August we headed to the ruins of Kirkstall Abbey, not far from where we all live, for some portraiture photography fun.

Jake proved to be a great model: he was at easy from the start and natural throughout the shoot; he enjoyed it as much as I did; he came up with his own suggestions and was great at following mine. My idea was to create mainly mood images, and he was all up for it. He was full of energy and wanted to carry on when I was nearly ready to call it a day.

I must say I look back at this photo escapade with great pleasure and sense of achievement. It was the first time Jake and I had a substantial contact, and it was good getting to know him through such a gratifying experience. I am so glad to be able to say that all of these images, my favourites among those we made, have been accepted by online photo agencies.


  1. What a good sport! And good for you trying something you don't really enjoy. The pictures turned out great. :-)