Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Walk to Top Withens, Brontë Country, 11/06/2107

Last Sunday, after a great session on Brontë treasures at the Parsonage, I went with G and our friends for one of my favourite walks. Top Withens is a ruined farmhouse on Haworth Moor whose location is believed to have inspired the location of the Wuthering Heights farmhouse in Emily Brontë's novel.
It was a warm, windy day with a lot of menacing clouds, some sunshine and scattered showers. We got wet twice, but we wore our waterproof jackets and didn't care. It was just great to be on those paths and tracks again.
I decided not to take many photos this time, but just enjoy the walk and countryside. Sometimes it is nice to do just that - totally immerse yourself in nature and forget about everything else. It is quite a long walk for our standards and I was surprised how much less time it takes if you don't stop every so often to take a shot. But it was impossible for me not take any pics at all, so here are the few I did take.

Looking back towards the narrow and short strip of woodland; once you pass it you are very close to Top Withens.

My friend with Top Withens in the distance above her head. We were all amazed at how, despite constant strong winds, her hair remained put with hardly any signs of disheveledness!

I was hoping that cotton grass would be in bloom and sure it was. I love its white fluffy balls bobbing in the wind. Cotton grass is such a lovely and distinctive moorland feature.

The two lone trees at Top Whitens. They are always very photogenic, and this time, for a change, I decided to picture them on their own, without the ruin. I love the moody atmosphere; after all that is what Top Withens is about.

Our friend discovered that the green door of the small barn is actually unlocked, and there is a small shelter with a wooden bench inside. Well, I didn't know that, and it was good to find out there is somewhere you can go for shelter if you are caught up in the usual wuthering weather at Top Withens.


  1. Gorgeous landscapes and lovely pictures! Really dreamlike.




  2. Beautiful landscapes, not dissimilar to where I live :) I love cotton grass, always a joy to see. I wish my hair could behave like that in the wind, hehe!