Thursday, 13 April 2017

Haworth Moor On Glorious Spring Day

Last Saturday was a simply perfect early spring day, and I considered myself lucky to have a chance for a gentle stroll on the beloved Haworth moor. To make things even better I was with a good friend who was on the moor for a first time. I took pride in showing her my favourite landscape; the place where one day, before long hopefully, I will be walking every day. It was one of those utterly fulfilling days that keep you smiling for days afterwards...

I had seen photos of these stone books partly buried in the ground on the moor, but it took me a while to get to know where exactly they were located. None of my walks happened to take me there, and even a couple of locals walking their dogs could not tell me where to go to find the books. Then, recently my friend from Haworth showed me the way. There are two sets of five books lying close to each other on one of the main paths of Penistone Hill. They are called "Literary Landscape Sculptures" and are created by artist Martin Heron. The books are a fitting feature on the moor being evocative of the Brontë sisters' works and placed in the midst of the countryside they loved and drew inspiration from.

I took this shot not far from Cemetery Road. There is a path that climbs steeply from the road, at one of the car park lay bys, leading to this spot with a typical stunning view over the moor and Worth Valley. Mid distance there is the beautiful and very photogenic Lower Laithe Reservoir, and to the left, if you know it is there, you could just about see Top Withens (possibly a model for Wuthering Heights) below the horizon on the left. Loved the three isolated daffodils next to the old quarry stone adding a splash of bright colour to the scene and spelling spring season on the Brontë moors. How I look forward to returning here for more liberating and reviving walks in the very near future, now kinder weather has finally arrived!


  1. Gorgeous Vesna. I know exactly where you were standing for the last photo and the landscape looked wonderful, the foreground interest adds so much to the picture too.
    I grew up in a farmhouse below the Cemetery Road, where the Moor meets the fields.
    Jacquie x

  2. Thank you very much, Jacquie!
    The farmhouse you grew up in must be just the sort of house I've been coveting. What a lovely childhood you must have had! xx