Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Hollens Farm Cottage, Grasmere, Lake District

I've just processed a few images of the Hollens Farm Cottage for a submission to Trevillion Images, and thought I'd write a blog post about them too. The 19th century farmhouse was our abode while on a week's holiday in Grasmere last month. I have written about the cottage back in January, so this time I shall just add a few more photographs I took in February.

The table in the charming, authentic, olde worlde  kitchen where we had our meals and played games. It was Valentine's Day on the second day of our stay, hence the red roses in the old earthenware pot.

The cheering log burner and fire our friend David look after each night and made sure the room was toasty and the atmosphere cosy.

One of the two armchairs in the sitting room matching the Chesterfield sofa under the window. On the seat there is the map of the Lake District we were perusing on a daily basis.

The lovely little window on the landing upstairs with a bookcase underneath. The windowsill features a pair of vintage binoculars, and I also put a vase with some of our Valentine's flowers on there.

Even the bathroom is full of old fashioned character. Among other things it boasts a fascinating wooden toilet flush and copper pipe.

I believe this sort of cottage is not everyone's cup of tea, but it certainly is mine. I hope dearly one day we will be living somewhere very similar, and if that happens to be in Haworth I will be the happiest woman in the world!


  1. It is my cup of tea too! Lovely photos.

  2. Haven't seen a high cistern like that since I went to my late Grandma's house years ago.