Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter Still Life

I love working on seasons still lifes, but it has been a few years since I created an Easter one. Inspiration does not always come spontaneously, and when it doesn't, I don't push myself. I prefer to wait till it happens naturally.
This year I started thinking about Easter still life back in February. I thought I'd get a floppy straw hat and tie some colourful ribbon around its brim. And then I would pair it with some daffodils and also use my lovely French shopping basket. But I could not find a hat I liked and realized I did not need one after all. If I used my white chiffon scarf and vintage gloves there would be more than enough props for a pleasing and impactive composition. Daffodils were a must use, from the start they were going to be "the life and soul" of the image. I chose the ones with orange centres because the orange adds an extra cheerful note to the yellow flowers. I love my rosewood console table, which I use as tabletop for many of my still lifes, but this is the first time I actually chose to include its drawers in the image.
The post processing had to be very similar to my usual when it comes to still life - vintage, distressed, desaturated look was what I wanted to achieve. I used a favourite rustic texture layer by Jerry Jones, one of my favourite photo texture makers, and then, as usual, I played with the tones and exposure in


          ~ Happy Easter! ~