Sunday, 17 January 2016

First Snow

There were two very unusual things going on this morning: last night it was snowing heavily for a few hours so we woke up to a beautiful white blanket covering the view outside our window. And secondly, G and I were due to start work at similar time so we left the house together. Going to work had never been more joyful! I love snow even though it always slightly worries me whether we will still be able to get places living on a fairly steep hill. But snow means new photo opportunities and that matters a lot to me.

Took this walking through the park next to our house to the main road, the route I always take to work. I like how the red brick wall contrasts the white surroundings.

G waiting for me rather impatiently to take that photo.

G took this one with his phone. It's a bit soft, but of course, I don't mind that when it comes to a photo of me. However, it is interesting to see the difference in quality between photos taken by G's phone and my one even though they were similar price. I am pleased to say that my phone happens to take
better photos (wink).

Some dangling old leaves still hanging in there.

Lovely, young, short tree spreading its long, delicate, snow laden branches width wise.

The path through the park. I quite like the vintage tone on this image. I quickly processed all the photos using two same actions, a mint tone one for that cold, winter look and a brownish one for a bit of warmth and a touch of vintage.

Pretty church just outside the top end of the park with its gate open for Sunday mass. Its bells just began to chime as I took this photo.

It has not snowed today and no more snow has been forecast. I do hope this is not all we are going to get this year. More please!

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  1. Photographs are great. Love the look of the bare tree branches and snow.