Sunday, 19 July 2015


I was delighted when my yoga teacher neice, Haidi, asked me if I would take a few pictures of her in different yoga poses when I was in Zagreb. "I'd love to", I said, "I would have asked you if you had not asked me!" We chose the Botanical Gardens for our location but were kicked out of there for not sticking to the paths! We had to think quickly of another suitable place and ended up in my brother's neighbour's yard where there was a white wall we could use for a very plain but uncluttered background. However, there were a couple of small windows behind my model which I removed in postprocessing - a task which is painstaking and not always completely successful. At the shoot I had to concentrate hard on what I was doing as portraits are not my domain so it was only later on while editing the photos that I was fully able to enjoy all the talent and skill of my lovely and beautiful niece. I am so proud of her! Here are just a few of many frames we did.

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