Thursday, 14 May 2015

Otley II

Back in October last year I decided I was going to post sets of around five photos of Otley as I finish processing them. Well it has taken me a long time to do a new post like that but here it is at last. The first two images are taken last month and the rest are all from last year's summer.

I found this scene at the bottom of East Chevin road as I came out of the car boot sale one Sunday and headed back to the car park. I thought the sight was sheer magic. I stood there for a long time soaking the beauty. A couple of other people came and went too. As usual I took a series of frames as the light was changing and, of course, the chickens were moving. The chicken framed in the gate was transferred from another, very similar, frame because I preferred the rest of the composition in this image. It's fun having a practice working with layers in Photoshop from time to time!

The Memorial Garden, Not very pleased with the composition here but I love all the spring flowers and the glorious magnolia. It is the best time of the year to photograph this garden.

New Market Street. My favourite street in Otley. I have to have a go at taking a photo virtually every time I am here. Love the view of the Chevin beyond the street and on this occasion it was bathed in the afternoon sunlight for me. And, of course, the bike in the foreground added to the charm of the scene.

Bay Horse Court. Beautiful old court in the heart of town with two passages on opposite sides. It looks probably exactly how it did hundreds of years ago. I wish I knew more about it.

Taken from the entrance into the grounds of Otley Parish Church. It is a nice viewpoint giving a typical picture and impression of this lovely town. The photo was chosen for the cover photo of the Facebook group " Otley - The Community We Live In" which I am a member of.

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