Friday, 3 October 2014

Otely I

I first visited Otley, a little old and picturesque market town in Mid-Wharfedale years ago. I was very impressed straight away but it is only recently that I actually fell in love with it. I realized Otley has everything I love in one place - unusual and quaint shops, antiques and vintage shops, charity shops, a great florist's, cosy traditional tea rooms, charming streets and passages as well as beautiful countryside on its doorstep. And all that with just half an hour pleasant drive from my home! I go to Otley every other week now and always come back very happy with a few good shots and a goodie or two in the shopping bag. Photographing Otley is going to be an ongoing little project for me and I will be posting five images at a time as I finish processing them. Here is the first lot.


  1. Predivna serija, prekrasnog ugođaja kojeg si jako lijepo predočila. Baš poželim biti tamo i osim fotkanja popiti koje pivce u pabu.

  2. Hvala ti! I ti bi vise nego uzivao ovdje!