Friday, 12 September 2014

Still Life Background

I finally have solved the issue of backgrounds for my still life work. I could not find anything small enough that would be suitable for my tabletop work to buy. All photographic backdrops seem to be designed for portraiture work and are much too big for still life. It took me years to come up with a solution. I bought a cheap curtain pole at work, removed the rings and ask G to fit it above the chest of drawers I use as my tabletop. I also bought a white and a grey bed sheet that I can easily and quickly throw over the pole to create a backdrop. They are long enough to cover the top of the chest of drawers too if I want the background and tabletop to merge into one in the image. And when the pole is not in use I simply wrap a silky scarf around it to make a feature of it. Quite pleased about it all. Just need to buy a black sheet too and my makeshift bakcground collection will be complete.