Monday, 10 March 2014

Blueberry Juice

I must admit the idea for this still life is not mine. I have seen one or two old coffee grinders used in a similar way with things other than coffee beans. I chose blueberries because I love the combination of red and dark blue tones. I bought the cup and saucer specifically for this image although  I would have wanted them to be a bit smaller. Was taken with the concept of making a drink but also a humorous idea of seemingly making blueberry juice with a coffee grinder. It is one of the things I strive to convey in my still lifes when I use more than one element  - a concept....a bond that unites the elements. But oh, did I struggle to process this image the way I had it in my mind!! I really wanted a dark look ( I am a happy person but I do like dark, moody images) but it was not easy because the wall against which I shoot is just too light. Time to buy/ make some backgrounds!


  1. Prekrasna! I presimpatična - jako volim borovnice...:-) Majstorska obrada - kao i uvijek...:-)
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