Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Remote Farm, 12/1/2012

This winter has been completely uninspiring for photography and I am so glad it is nearly over. No snow, no frost, no fog, just winds and rain. So instead of going out to take photos I focused on doing other things, mainly doing up my house which I love as much as I do photography. And there is always some photos in the archives worth "dusting down", editing and sharing. This one I took two years ago on my walk around the village of Hartshead in West Yorkshire. I remember being totally bowled over by the sight of this farm bathed in the mellow winter sunlight. I have never been a great fan of blur in photographs but lately I have seen a lot of photographs on Flickr taken with Lensbaby which have inspired me to try using blur in Photoshop. I feel it works best with simple compositions. It throws unwanted detail out of focus thus emphasizing the simplicity of the image and drawing attention of the viewer to the shapes, colours and interaction of light and shadows. It also creates a lovely dreamy mood which is what I like best about it.


  1. Dobra obrada....uvijek sam se pitao, isprintaš li ti te fotke na platno (canvas print) - ako nisi probaj..:-)

  2. Hvala ti! Ne, nisam jos printam svoje fotke osim ako je poklon, a na platnu jos uopce nisam. Ali budem...imam u vidu....