Friday, 28 February 2014

None Go Bye Farm, 6/2/2014

This lovely farm opened to the public lies near the Leeds-Bradford airport. February is obviously not the best time to visit it but I like to see the same place in all seasons anyway. It was a cold, dull and quite a windy day and the only animals I saw outside were chickens, geese and a couple of wallabies. There is a barn whit pigs and rabbits too. Apparently, in warm weather there are many more animals including prairie dogs. There are also two beautiful fishing lakes where you can catch quite a big carp. Despite the wintry weather you could see an odd stalwart fisherman here and there wrapped up in windproof and waterproof clothes like the one on my photo. I loved the tall grasses at the lake. For me it was worth coming that day just to photograph them. And the farm shop with all the organic, home grown produce is always great to visit (and buy some goodies!).


  1. Krasna reportažica...:-)
    Baš je idilično - taj potočić sa malim molič!
    A pajceki i guske su "zakon"!