Saturday, 8 February 2014

Bramley to Rodley. Leeds- Liverpool Canal, 2/1/2014

A belated post of my walk along the Leeds - Liverpool Canal. I love going for a long invigorating walk with my camera at the start of new year after so much eating, drinking and partying over the holidays. I usually choose just an easy walk close to where I live. You have to remember that countryside here in Yorkshire is way too muddy at this time of year for any enjoyable walking so a flat walk along the towpath of the canal seemed like a perfect choice. These pictures are not great, just nice but average shots of a huge photo enthusiast. I am happy to have taken and share them here on my blog though not on my Flickr page too.
I have a brand new computer now and I gave all these images just a basic edit in the Photo Gallery, the pre-installed software every computer comes with. I am really pleased that this one has two handy features my previous Photo Gallery did not have - retouch and straighten. Now I can do all my basic editing without opening Photoshop. All in all I am very pleased with my new desktop.


  1. Ti kanali su jako lijepa mjesta za šetnju, fotkanje - ai i za život u tim slikovitim brodićima!
    Fina reportažica....