Thursday, 2 January 2014

Bishop Burton Cottages, November 2013

Bishop Burton in East Yorkshire is one of my favourite English villages. I just love its houses featuring white painted brickwork, short chimneys, rustic porches and gabled dormers. I want to go there at different times of year to explore further and see how the charm of the place changes with  seasons. The last image appears about two stops lighter than on my computer or than I intended it to be. It looks to me that Google automatically corrects dark images, especially shadow areas. Not a great feature as sometimes brightening an image can mean turning and interesting photo into a boring one. Or at least (as far as I am concerned) it can ruin the mood of the image. 


  1. Stvarno je predivna i inspirativna kuća!
    Fotka sa micekom mi je najdraža...:-)

    1. Hvala ti. micek se bas lijepo namjestio pa sam odabrala taj krop.