Saturday, 14 December 2013

What I Love

I created the still life with a Brownie camera almost a year ago. But there was something missing, it just did not feel completed and I could not figure out what it was I needed to do to finish  it off. Then I looked at it again the other day and I realized that it is conceptually very similar to the "Still life with Cup & Saucer" I made in 2009 which was very popular on Flickr. They both speak of things that I cherish and that mean much to me and also they are probably the best example of the sort of still life I try to create. It suddenly came to me what to add to the Brownie camera image to be happy with it - simply some faded birds in the background. While the "Cup & Saucer" symbolizes my love for still life, texture, cottage lifestyle, nature and reading the "Brownie on an old cake? plate" stands for my love for photography, still life, villages, antiques and the outdoors.