Friday, 4 October 2013

Melin Bar, Zagreb

I was taking photos outside Melin, a trendy bar up in the Zagreb Old Town when I young, good-looking man approached me and started talking to me in English. I told him in Croatian I was not a tourist even though I may look like one (and often feel like that these days!) He turned out to be one of the Melin bosses and invited me in for a coffee. He and his two mates had recently taken over the bar and had completely changed the interior. It looked stunning with a lot of vintage detail. There were quite a few 70s TV sets around being used for various purposes. Some of them were put on a stand and paired with stools to use as a place for putting down drinks. Unfortunately, the light was way to low for any hand held photography and I don't like flash so this is the only image I took that I am pleased with.