Sunday, 22 September 2013

My Bedroom at Mum's in Zagreb

A modest but cosy little bedroom in my Mum's upstairs flat. The flat is usually rented out but was vacant this summer so I had a chance to have it for myself. I love the big window overlooking a park. I left it open at night to breath in the fresh air scented by the grass, various shrubs and trees growing in the park. On the table there is my diary which I kept assiduously every night before switching off the light.

This is my Mum's young tomcat, called Miki. He is not allowed in my Mum's bedroom downstairs at all never mind on her bed. But me being a sucker for cats I let him go wherever he wanted to go in the upstairs flat (except tables that is!). He took every opportunity to snuggle up on my bed and spent as long there sleeping as he could.


  1. "Home is where the cat is" - da parafraziram staru poslovicu...predivna toplina majčinskog doma!