Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Cockerel

One of the reasons I only take photos of scenes that do not involve motion is that I am very slow and deliberate at pressing the shutter speed. The composition and technical data in the viewfinder have to be just as I intended them to be and if I do not have time to check everything I simply do not take a picture. But recently I have decided to start photographing farm animals because they fit in well with my usual country and rural themes. I also see it as a little new challenge much needed from time to time. So off I went to the Goodall's ice cream farm in Tong village which I drive past every day on my way to and fro work. I loved watching the animals and taking the odd photo, but  it was only at the end of my visit that I finally found patience to stay long enough with an animal, well, a bird on this occasion, to produce some worthwhile shots. I watched and followed around this cockerel and his hen until he started crowing. And then he crowed a few times as if just for me!


  1. Wonderful shot of this cockerel. I like the processing.

  2. Zgodna "pastorala" - pozira kao pravi maneken !