Saturday, 22 June 2013

Still Life with Biscuit Barrel

I love my antique wooden biscuit barrel. It lives on top of one of my kitchen cupboards amongst other old kitchen/dining room objects. I have often looked at it longing to use it in a still life image and have racked my brains trying to come up with a good and interesting composition. I thought of so many props I could   possibly include from flowers to fruit to all sorts of other things but in the end I decided that simplicity is once again going to be the safest and most effective option. I just stuck to the obvious theme and went for nothing more than some biscuits themselves placed in one of my little vintage milk glass bowls.


  1. Uvijel me ponovo oduševe tvoje kompozicije - nesamo po likovnosti već i po odabiru predmeta - a volio bih i probati te keksiće.....odličan odabir zdjelice sa crvenom cvijetićima!

  2. kad god vidim tvoje radove osjecam se kao posuta magicnim prahom... bravo, draga vesnice! :*