Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hawes, 30th-31st May, 2013

Hawes is a picturesque small market town in one of the most glorious Yorkshire Dales - Wensleydale. It is the home of the famous and delicious Wensleydale cheese. For me it has a personal meaning too as it lies in the middle of what is a prime example of my favourite English countryside. I just love the rolling hills and valleys dissected with dry stone walls and dotted with ancient barns and charming farms. The images below are from my first ever visit to Hawes.

It was a most beautiful morning in the town of Hawes. This is a typical scene of a Dales town with the hills visible behind the houses in the distance. Can any place be more inviting than this? Well, certainly not for me!

A lovely old stone bridge and houses in the centre of Hawes. I took this on the first day of my visit. It was a cloudy day but the diffused light was suited well for photography around the town.

I was totally smitten by this post office. To me it looked like it could be a perfect setting for one of, say, Beatrix Potter's illustrated storey books. It may look quiet but it was actually quite busy and I had to keep coming back trying to get a good view as there were cars, lorries etc. parked in front of it all the time. Love that red door that complements the post box and the sign.

A western view of the pretty St. Magaret's church taken from an uphill path leading to the village of Gayle. The church and the lovely rural scene look almost like a drawing taken on a late overcast afternoon.


  1. preslatko mjestašce i lijepi "slikopis" - još mi je ova zadnja fotka skroz mistična!

  2. Hvala, Davore! Svidja mi se rijec "slikopis"!

  3. Hi Vesna! Oh, this place looks so charming, and with your beautiful photos, magical, too.

    Hope you are enjoying summer!

    love from us,