Monday, 6 May 2013

The Paddock, Tong Lane, 23/04/2013

This paddock is on the edge of the road I drive along on my way to work. Each morning I cannot help looking to the right to see how many horses I can see and how many are at the trough. I consider myself lucky to be regaled with such a lovely scene on my way to work (and there are many more!!). The daffodils and spring flowers in the foreground give it a special idyllic charm. 


  1. Stvarno idiličan i bajkovit svijet...:-)
    Ponovo lijepa slikovnica engleskog sela!

  2. ti si vesnice bajkopisac. svaka tvoja umjetnina je kao dotaknuta carobnim stapicem. divan rad! :*

  3. Hvala ti, Sandrice, zivot nije bajka, ali se ponekad, srecom, moze dozivjeti i prikazati kao bajka.