Monday, 13 May 2013

Rustic Still Life With Beetroot

I thought of root vegetables as lending themselves well to rustic still life work. Bunches of beets caught my eye at the supermarket with their dusty mauve surface and straggly roots. I bought one of them and also a butternut squash to lean the beets against. The green speckled courgette was also my choice as it makes for a nice colour and surface contrast. It also suits the desaturated look I wanted to create. I was pleased my antique earthenware ginger beer bottle found its place here too. And finally I had to add something reddish, as usual. I am a bit of a red colour freak in my photography! This time it had to be my little vintage red chilli oil bottle.


  1. divno vesnice draga, bravo! :*

  2. Super je!!!! "Ginger beer" stara boca....:-)
    Jako je dekorativna.....ti bi mogla prodavati printeve..:-)

  3. Hvala vam, puno, obadvoma!
    Razimisljala sam da prodajem printeve, Davore, ali ne znam koji sajt odabrati. Isto se bojim da prodaja ne bi isla jako dobro kad svako moze s interneta besplatno skinuti kaj hoce i malo ljudi postuje autorsko pravo.
    Pozzzi tebi,

  4. That is such a lovely atmospheric photo! x

  5. Thank you, Suzy! And thank you very much for joining my blog! x